How To Buy A Diamond Ring

What metal should I choose?

Most women have a firm preference for the colour of ring they prefer &, in many ways, this is a matter of taste and budget. 18 carat yellow gold has traditionally been the most popular option however, nowadays many brides are choosing the purity, strength and lustre of platinum. Platinum's fine silvery white tones complement & enhance the brilliance of diamonds. Try on both metals to get a feel for what makes you most comfortable.

What shape of stone should I choose?

The shape & cut of your diamond is really important. The traditional round brilliant cut diamond will give your ring an elegant & timeless look that will never date or you may choose a more contemporary shape or cut, like a Pear, Heart shape, Emerald cut, Princess, Asscher or Tycoon. Decide whether you like the look of an elegant solitaire diamond or perhaps prefer a series of three - symbolising the past, present and future - or today, tomorrow and forever.

What type of setting is best?

Learn about the different settings for your engagement ring. Depending on the shape of your diamond & the number of stones you choose, the various settings include: classic solitaire with claw setting, bar set, channel set, pavé set, cluster set & rub over. Choosing a diamond engagement ring is no easy task, but the vast array of styles, designs & prices available at Portfolio of Fine Diamonds will make your shopping experience all the more enjoyable.

"Diamonds are a girl's best friend"
Anita Loos

That old maxim still makes a lot of sense & here's why...


  • Diamonds are romantic and beautiful & a good one can be expensive. The fact that your partner loves you enough to spend such a large sum to buy a diamond for you is a very romantic gesture.
  • A diamond is an exceedingly rare item. Over 250 tons of ore must be processed to come up with just one carat diamond of any quality.
  • Diamonds are precious! Cubic zirconium and other imitations may be a lower price, but they are also man-made. Diamonds, however, are rare natural stones made millions of years ago under intense heat & pressure.
  • Diamonds are forever they won't fade or discolour through time.
  • Buying from the PORTFOLIO of Fine Diamonds, guarantees the best diamonds at the best possible prices.