How Do I Benefit From My Diamond Certificate?

How Do I Benefit From My Diamond Certificate?

A diamond certificate is an independent and consistent document, containing the specific characteristics of your diamond. It will describe the four C’s, (Carat, Clarity, Colour and Cut), as well as the fluorescence, (if any).

Your certificate will also detail the diamonds, symmetry, polish, depth percentage, and shape. It will also include a picture of the diamond, either as a plot or a photograph. This makes your purchase completely transparent for you, and gives you the perfect base to compare other diamonds with solid facts. Not with estimations, and promises. 

One of the advantages of buying a diamond with a certificate is that you don’t have to question the authenticity of the stone.

No imitation or treated diamond may be certificated! Reassuring you that your diamond is natural, and has not been tampered with, and giving you further peace of mind.

If you ever decide to resell your diamond, your certificate will provide the characteristics and legitimacy that you need to get an accurate price, based on the existing diamond market. A copy of your certificate can also be given to your insurance company, or kept within your record. This benefits you in case you were to lose your diamond, by not giving way to dispute the value and quality of your diamond, when it comes to looking for a replacement.

However if you have found a diamond that you like, but has not yet been certified, you can simply request that the ring be sent to a gemmological laboratory for certification, this will normally have a cost starting at £50, or a percentage of the value per carat.

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