Diamond Engagement Rings -  Colour Explained

Diamond Engagement Rings - Colour Explained

Diamonds come in a range of many colours, from colourless (white) diamonds, to yellow, pink and blue.

All diamonds are rare; however some of the fancy coloured diamonds are some of the rarest gems on the planet.
White diamond colour grades are based on how close to pure white colour the diamonds are, in other words absence of colour. The closer to colourless a white diamond is the higher the value.
The diamond colour scale starts at D (D being the purest colour of diamond), and runs to colour Z. Diamonds that are graded with a colour of D,E,F are considered to be colourless. The colour grades G,H,I, and J indicate the diamond is near colourless. K,L,M diamond colour grades indicate faint yellow, N to colour grade R indicate your diamond is very light yellow in colour, and S-Z indicates your diamond has a light yellow colour.
 In order to make an accurate diamond colour assessment, the expert diamond grader, will place the diamond with the table, (top), down on a white background. They will grade the diamonds colour through the side of the diamond, because if you try to grade the colour from the top, the sparkle can make the true colour less obvious.
Once a diamond colour is deemed to be so strong, it’s colour grade moves it beyond Z on the diamond colour scale, the diamond can be described as being a fancy coloured diamond. The colour grades for these diamonds are described and measured differently, and use terms such as; intense, and vivid colour.
As already mentioned natural fancy coloured diamonds are extremely rare and command a very large premium.

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