A Surprise Engagement Ring?

A Surprise Engagement Ring?

RULES OF ENGAGEMENT At Portfolio we know and love diamonds, and we understand for many buying a diamond is a leap into the unknown, so to help you along here are a few hints and tips to bear in mind...


It may go against all your knight-in-shining-armour romantic instincts, but in the majority of cases it is best to involve your girlfriend in the decision making process.  You can both have lot of fun trying rings together, and you will get to see her face light up when she finally see’s THE ONE.

But, if you are determined to sweep her off her feet with a surprise ring you need to do some serious research!  Take a look at the jewellery she already wears.  Does she prefer modern or traditional?  Does she tend to wear silver or gold?  What does she say about other people’s engagement rings?  You can also consult with her (trusted) female relatives and friends, who should be able to steer you in the right direction.

You will also need to try and gauge her finger size.  If she wears a dress ring on the third finger of her left hand, slip it on to your little finger and make a mental note of where it slides down to.  We can then take the size from that. Generally, if a ring needs to be sized again there is no problem & no visible sign it has been altered.


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