Choose a Pear Shaped Diamond Ring for Elegance and Fire

The PORTFOLIO collection features an exclusive range of engagement rings featuring fancy cut diamonds - so you'll find the perfect pear shaped diamond ring for you.

Pear Cut Diamonds

Pear shaped diamonds are also commonly known as teardrop diamonds, due to their unusual shape. They are rounded at one end and pointed at another (the cut is a cross between the round brilliant and the marquise cut), resembling a teardrop.

Click here to view this pear shaped diamond ring - ID#1300040242 - in stock at Victoria Square, Belfast today
Victoria Square, Belfast
Click here to view this pear shaped diamond ring - ID#1380111149 - in stock at Londonderry today

Pear cut diamonds are one of the many fancy cuts that PORTFOLIO of Fine Diamonds uses in our collection of engagement rings.  All of our diamonds are specially selected by our team of experts and they are certified by leading independent laboratories, so you can rest assured that your pear shaped diamond ring is of the highest quality.

Pear Shaped Diamond Rings

The beautiful look of the pear cut makes it ideally suited to use in a platinum solitaire ring.  By using just a single stone your pear cut engagement ring will look dramatic and the diamond can show off its elegance and fire.

The PORTFOLIO collection features several single stone pear shaped diamond rings, but there are other designs incorporating several diamonds if the solitaire ring is not to your taste. 

When our in-house designer creates an engagement ring she selects the setting and style that will allow the true beauty and fine quality of the diamonds to shine through.  So, whichever ring you choose, you know that you are making a sound investment and that your pear shaped diamond ring is a unique design that will look beautiful for a lifetime