Marquise Cut Diamond Rings – A Traditional, Unique Choice

The PORTFOLIO of Fine Diamonds collection features a stunning range of marquise cut diamond rings.

Marquise Cut Diamond Rings 

A marquise is a beautiful fancy cut.  “Fancy cut” is the name given to diamond cuts that deviate from the traditional shape of the round brilliant – you can learn all about diamond terms in our How to Buy An Engagement Ring section.

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Marquise diamonds have a distinctive elongated shape with pointed ends.  According to stories this cut was first developed to mimic the beautiful smile of the Marquise de Pompadour on the orders of Louis XIV of France. 

Whatever the truth to this tale, the Marquise is a stunning cut, which would be ideal in any engagement ring.

Unusual and Beautiful Marquise Cut Engagement Rings

Marquise diamonds are less common in engagement rings than round brilliant diamonds or princess cuts.  So if you choose this cut you know that you are selecting an unusual and beautiful diamond.

All of the marquise cut engagement rings in the PORTFOLIO of Fine Diamonds collection are one-offs.  The cut has been chosen to bring out the true beauty of the diamond, and the setting and style are designed to complement the precious stone.

When you choose one of our marquise cut diamond rings you'll know that the diamond has been cut to ideal proportions, so the jewel will show its true beauty and sparkle.  All of our gems are certified by leading laboratories so you have an independent guarantee that your engagement ring is of the finest quality.

For high quality marquise cut engagement rings at good value for money browse our Portfolio collection and find the perfect ring for you.