Cluster and Coloured Diamond Rings

Choosing the right engagement ring is important, so you need to be sure that you find the perfect design. PORTFOLIO of Fine Diamonds can help you make that decision.

We offer a wide selection of cluster and coloured diamond rings, ranging from classic designs through to more contemporary styles. All use only the finest diamonds, hand selected by our specialists and independently certified by leading laboratories.

Click here to view this cluster / coloured diamond ring - ID#1380141458 - in stock at Londonderry today
Click here to view this cluster / coloured diamond ring - ID#1380131645 - in stock at Londonderry today

Diamond Cluster Rings

Why have just one diamond when you could have several? Our cluster diamond rings are available in a range of styles and cuts to offer maximum sparkle and showcase the brilliance of our hand-picked gemstones. Choose from traditional, classic cluster designs or if you’re looking for something more modern, we offer stunning contemporary cluster diamond rings too.

Coloured Diamond Rings

White diamonds are stunning, but if you really want to stand out from the crowd, choose from our selection of coloured diamond rings. Coloured diamonds are among the rarest and most beautiful stones on earth. The colour of the diamond comes from underground mineral deposits. Different minerals create the different colours.

Because they are so rare, coloured diamonds are very desirable. Many jewellers do not stock them because they are so rare. But here at Portfolio, we have a range of coloured diamond rings, made using fancy coloured diamonds of the highest quality.

On the PORTFOLIO of Fine Diamonds website you have the option to reserve the ring of your choice (on the website or over the phone) to view in your choice of store.

With PORTFOLIO, you can be sure that you get the best value for money, the best independently certified diamonds and the option to apply for interest free credit.