10 UK Wedding blogs worth following

The internet can be a great source of inspiration for anyone planning a wedding.  From style and fashion ideas to looking at something a little more out there and quirky that others have done, there is so much to information available online when it comes to planning your big day.  From Pinterest boards to blogs, so much of what you need to plan the perfect wedding is now at the touch of a button.  There’s not a day goes by without a new blog being launched but there are some blogs that just hit the nail on the head, article after article.  Today we take a look at 10 of our favourite wedding blogs, and why you should start to take inspiration from them for your big day.

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10 Of the best wedding blogs in the UK to start following

Rock My Wedding

From style and seasonal trends to planning and suppliers, rockmywedding.co.uk is up there with the very best of UK bridal blogs.  We love the DIY section as this can really get you thinking about ways of making your wedding stand out by creating something that all your guests will remember.  There’s also a good list of real wedding stories and these are well worth reading as you can get so much from reading about other couples’ experiences.

Before The Big Day

For inspiration from real wedding stories look no further than beforethebigday.co.uk.  These guys cover real weddings across all themes, from rusty, chic and outdoor, to modern, elegant and marquee.  We know a thing or two about diamond engagement rings here at Portfolio and the advice from the team at Before The Big Day on engagement rings is second to none, so be sure to check out their engagement rings section in wedding fashion.

Love My Dress

Perhaps the biggest part of the wedding day for the bride is the all-important wedding dress.  With so much choice out there, you really need to shop around to get a feel for what’s available.  You may find that perfect dream in your first shop on your first trip, but it’s worth visiting a few stores to see what is out there.  If you have a style in mind or you’re simply looking for some more inspiration, head to lovemydress.net and you’ll get dress ideas and so much more.  Prepare to be amazed!

So You’re Getting Married

Another one of our favourite wedding blogs is soyouregettingmarried.com, a site that has a great selection of real weddings to share with you.  These weddings are broken down by budget and theme, great for if you want to see what you can do within a particular budget.  The honeymoon is often a big part of the wedding journey for many, and the guys at soyouregettingmarried.com have information and advice on many popular honeymoon destination.  The minimoons section in particular is one that is worth checking out.


Confetti.co.uk is up there with the very best on the web when it comes to all the information and inspiration you will need when planning a wedding.  Confetti even provide information on wedding venues, wedding fairs and suppliers, and they also have an online shop.  While many will see Confetti as much more than a blog, the level of information available on the site really makes it a must visit when planning your big day.  You can also be in with a chance of winning a wedding up to the value of £40k if you register with them today.

Wedding Sparrow

The multi award winning weddingsparrow.co.uk positions itself as a blog for the more stylish bride, obsessed with the pretty and unusual.  Photography plays a big part in this inspiration and the editorial team focus on everything from hair and make-up to wedding gowns and suits for grooms.

Belle Amour

Debs Slater has recently got married and is part of the reason why the blog hasn’t been as active in the past few weeks, but belleamour.co.uk gives you lots of ideas for your big day, and all with a big slice of personality from Debs herself.  Her bridal style pieces are well worth exploring.

Bridal Musings

Bridalmusings.com is another site that has lots of great articles to help you plan your big day but two of our favourite’s bits of this blog are the colour search function and the Spotify playlists.  Search by colour allows you to look at articles suited to your colour scheme to help you get some really useful inspiration and style ideas.  The guys at Bridal Musings have also created a detailed list of music playlists for your wedding.  With music playing such a big part on your wedding day, this is well worth checking out.

Wedding Bros

Wedding blogs for grooms are becoming more and more popular, and one of the best about at present is wedding-bros.com.  From stag party ideas and real wedding stories to groom fashion, Wedding Bros is a blog for any groom to check out before the big day.

Portfolio of Fine Diamonds

We’ve saved the best to last and modesty of course is our best trait!  For all the information you will ever need on wedding day jewellery, engagement rings and diamond jewellery, be sure to check in on our regular weekly blog. 

Have we missed your favourite wedding blog?

Have we left your favourite blog of our list?  Get in touch today and let us know which blogs we should be looking out for in 2016. 

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