10 Favour ideas for your wedding

In our wedding blog we like to provide you with expert advice to help guide you along your romantic journey from getting engaged to getting married and everything in between, from the engagement rings to the wedding rings. Having been part of many couples romantic journey in the build up to their big day we have met couples down the years with all sorts of themes and ideas for their big day.

One area of your big day where you can particularly inject some of your own personality is in the favours for your guests. Traditionally wedding day favours are considered a thank you to guests for being part of your special day. Below we look at 10 popular and quirky favour ideas to consider for your big day.

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10 Wedding favour ideas

Personalised wedding day key ring

Something different for your guests to keep as a memento of your special day. Add a special touch to the keyring with an individual message for each guest or simply add the date for your special day.


We have found this to be very popular with couples who enjoy baking or cooking.  A small jar of homemade jam offers a taster of what you enjoy and is small enough for your guests to take away. Print a special message on the jar to leave a lasting impression.

Lip Balm

The perfect choice for winter weddings, all of your guest will love this caring treat. You may even want to get them flavoured again adding to the theme of your special day.

Lottery tickets

We have yet to hear of any jackpot winning wedding guests but there is a first time for everything. Buying your guests a lottery ticket is a fun way of saying thank you and if they are lucky you might be treated to a share of the winnings.


With scented candles all in at the minute these have also proved a popular choice for wedding favours. A lot of brides and grooms have often chosen the scent of their flowers as the chosen scent of candles for their guests. These are a memento that your guests can take home and light as a reminder of the day itself.

Miniature drinks

Buying your guests a drink at the wedding is a tradition for many families, especially when it comes to toasting the bride and groom. Add a miniature drink to your guests table - think miniature whiskeys, craft beers or Bailey’s cream – and let your friends and family raise the drink to toast you as you enter the reception.


A popular choice for wedding favours and something worth considering if you will have lots of young kids attending. There are so many options with sweet treats from sweet carts and pick and mix to make your own sweet sets and mix-ups. Even the adults will enjoy filling their pockets here.

USB pen

Something a little bit different, a USB pen provides a practical gift for your guests to take away for them to use in work, at home, or even to transfer wedding photos from the day for you to save at a later date. This is often a popular gift for young professionals getting married. You could also have the date of your special day engraved as a further reminder of the day they shared with you.

Flower seeds

For a slightly longer lasting reminder of your wedding, give your guests little packets of seeds to grow their own plants, herbs or flowers. Seeds can be a really cost-effective favour and something for discussion years down the line as friends and family update you on how the plants are growing.


A quiz can also be something different to give your guests. Set a series of questions about you and reward the winner (or winning table) with a special memento from your wedding. This is a great way to get even more interaction around tables, especially those tables where guests may only be meeting for the first time.

What are your favourite favours? Get over to the Lunns Jewellers Facebook page and let us know what wedding day favours you’ve enjoyed in the past.

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