The Story and Meaning behind a wedding ring

For all couples, the exchange of wedding rings on your wedding day is the end of one journey and the beginning of another.  Your journey to your wedding day can be a long or short journey, but one thing that is central to this is the love you have for one another.  The wedding ring will be the last gift exchanged by a couple before they become husband and wife.  It will also be the most important gift as it signifies the love and commitment the couple have for each other.  It is also the completion of a wedding journey that starts out with the presentation of an engagement ring and the proposal that comes with it.  There's no doubt that a wedding ring is a true sign of love for another individual, but what is the real meaning behind the wedding band, and what does its shape, materials and position on the left hand really mean?  Today we take a look at the story and meaning behind the symbol of love that is a wedding ring.

 wedding ring

The meaning of a wedding ring

For many couples, the wedding ring is a symbol and a public professing that they are married.  It is a sign of a commitment for one another and represents the love, honour and faithfulness that you have for your spouse.  It is a sign of love and fidelity of your partner to you.  This is why your partner will say something when the ring is being exchanged during your wedding service.  While traditions and cultures may be slightly different when it comes to celebrating a wedding day, the sentiment and meaning of love as the wedding rings are being exchanged remains the same throughout the world.  It is a love that should last forever, symbolised by a ring that has no beginning nor end.  Once you exchange vows with your partner and put the wedding ring on their finger, there is an understanding that you will be together from now until eternity.  Some couples may even decide to have a special message engraved on their wedding ring to further show the love they have for each other.


Why is the wedding band circle shaped?

Other than the fact that it fits onto your wedding finger much easier, the circular shape of a wedding ring also holds special meaning.  A circle is endless and has no beginning or end.  This means that a circle goes on forever, just like the love a married couple have for each other.  The circle shape of a wedding ring signifies that your love for one another is endless and will last forever.


The materials used for a wedding ring

The different metals and gems used in the design of wedding rings also carry some meaning for a newly married couple.  The physical structure of the wedding ring, and the metals used to make them (gold, silver or platinum) are tough metals to crack and break, and this represents the fact that the love that a married couple have for one another will also be tough to break. 

Many couples will opt to add gems to a wedding ring, with diamond wedding rings in particular being a popular choice in recent years.  Not only will this type of ring sit well with an engagement ring, but the use of a diamond is a symbol of the indestructible love that a couple have for each other.  Diamonds are one of the toughest materials in the world and this toughness helps to symbolise the everlasting love that a couple will have for each other.

diamond wedding ring 

Why do many of us wear a wedding ring on the left hand

The wedding ring has been worn on the left hand of individuals for hundreds of years, and more importantly, on the third finger from the thumb.  The reason for positioning the ring on this finger comes from Roman times, were there was a strong belief that a vein from this finger runs straight to the heart and moves at once with your heart.  While scientists have proved this not to be the case, the story still remains to this day as one of the main reasons for many choosing to wear their wedding ring on their left hand.


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