3 Simple ways to look after your engagement ring

For many of us, an engagement ring is one of the most prized possessions we will own.  Regardless of the cost of your engagement ring, the sentimental value of it will be priceless.  It’s a symbol of your love and commitment to your partner, and something you will want to keep looking great for as long as possible.  The question you’ll probably ask yourself is what is the best way to do this and keep your engagement ring looking fantastic for years to come?  Well, you’re in luck, as we’ve picked five of our favourite ways to look after an engagement ring.

cleaning your diamond ring

3 Ways to look after your engagement ring


Be careful when doing everyday tasks

It’s amazing the places in which you can lose or damage your engagement ring.  One of the easiest ways to cause damage to your engagement ring is by wearing it when you are carrying out tasks around your home or garden.  Cooking, cleaning, home improvement, DIY, weeding and planting; these are just some of the everyday tasks that can become an enemy to diamond rings.  The best advice here is to remove your engagement ring before starting these tasks.  This will ensure that it doesn’t get dirty, damaged, or worse... lost!  If you don’t want to remove your ring, consider wearing gloves when working around your home or garden as this will protect the ring from any damage and remove the risk of it falling down plug holes or drains.


Storing your engagement ring

Jewellery can often get damaged at night when you are in bed.  You may move about your bed in your sleep and this may mean your engagement ring coming in contact with things like the frame of the bed or your blanket.  This may not cause obvious damage but over time the contact can affect the setting of your diamond stone.  Be sure to remove your engagement ring before going to bed and store it securely in a jewellery box or even in its original box.  Keep your wedding ring with it so that you know where both rings are first thing in the morning.


Insure your engagement ring

Another way to ensure you look after your engagement ring is to have it insured.  Like most investments (think of your home and car), it’s important to take out insurance on your purchase, especially if it’s a substantial investment.  When deciding on insuring your engagement ring you can choose to either insure the ring separately through a broker that specialises in jewellery insurance or else add it to your home insurance.  Whatever you decide is up to yourself really but by taking out insurance on your ring you will have that added peace of mind if it is ever stolen, damaged or even goes missing.


Final tip – arrange regular maintenance of your engagement ring


Now that we have shared 3 simple ways to looking after your engagement ring, there’s one final tip that everyone who owns a diamond engagement ring or diamond jewellery of any description should do – arrange regular cleaning and check-up.  This should be done with a diamond professional and should be done at least once a year.  You can check the diamond and the setting and also the metal - get any damage repaired.  Your insurance may cover this work or your jeweller may provide it as a service for buying your engagement ring from them originally.  Either way, ensure that you visit a diamond jeweller at least once a year to get your ring checked.

If you’d like to find out more about how to keep your engagement ring looking fab, and how to go about booking a check-up for your engagement ring, get in touch with our team of diamond experts here at Portfolio for more information.


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