4 Things to look for when choosing a wedding ring

For many of you in the process of planning a summer wedding or even an autumn / winter wedding, chances are that picking your wedding bands is starting to get closer and closer to the top of your to-do list.  Anyone who has married knows just how busy it can be in the run up to your big day and often picking your wedding rings can take a back seat while you get more pressing things sorted like the venue, music, dress and suits. 

When it does come to picking your wedding bands there are a few things you’ll need to consider.  Below are a list of 5 things every bride and groom will need to look out for when choosing.

Wedding bands

4 Things to consider when looking at wedding rings

The shape and size

You want a wedding ring that is comfortable, so getting the right size for your ring is important.  Most women will know their ring size so finding something that fits shouldn’t be a problem.  It can be a different story for the groom though as he mightn’t usually wear jewellery. 

When deciding on the best size of wedding ring you want something that is tight but not too restrictive.  You will want a bit of resistance when taking the ring off over your knuckle but in general you will want it to be comfortable when wearing.  If you are planning on wearing your wedding ring in the traditional manner under your engagement ring, be sure to pick something that fits snuggly with it and complements it.


The metal

We’ve previously looked at what metals to consider when picking your wedding rings.  There is plenty of choice for the metal of your wedding band including gold (and white gold), silver, platinum, palladium and titanium.  There are a number of things to consider here including your own personal style, your budget and even your job. 

If you plan to wear your wedding ring all the time, your will want something that is durable and doesn’t scratch easy – something like platinum or titanium.  If you want the look of a platinum wedding ring but don’t want to spend too much money on your bands, then palladium can be a great alternative.


Plain or diamond set

If you’ve decided to go with a diamond engagement ring or even an engagement ring with a different gemstone like sapphire, you may find that a diamond set wedding ring complements your engagement ring wonderfully well.  Diamond set wedding rings are becoming more and more popular both among men and women. 

The big thing to consider here is your style.  Do you want to go with the more glamourous and fashionable diamond set wedding ring or go down the traditional road of a plain metal finished ring.  Whatever you decide, be true to your own style.  Diamond set wedding rings will be more expensive so be sure to allocate budget to this should it be something that you want.



Wedding rings are not only something of financial value, they also carry sentimental value.  They are a symbol of a lifelong commitment between you and your partner.  It is worth investing in wedding insurance before your big day and also adding your wedding rings and indeed engagement ring to your home insurance after you get married.  Engagement rings and wedding rings can be a big investment, especially for young couples, so be sure to insure your wedding rings to protect them in case they get stolen, damaged or lost in the future (something none of us ever wants to see happening).


Choose your perfect wedding ring with Portfolio


If you want help and advice on picking that perfect wedding ring for your big day then look no further than the team here at Portfolio of Fine Diamonds.  Get in touch today to arrange a consultation on getting the right wedding rings for your big occasion.

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