5 Splendid Spring wedding ideas

The long, dark winter days are slowly becoming a distant memory and Spring is in the air.  Flowers are starting to come out, there is a smell of freshly cut grass and the wonderful colours of Spring are everywhere.  Spring truly is a magical season and is perhaps the best time of year to get married in the UK and Ireland. 

The temperature is pretty mild, there is a stretch in the evenings and you can enjoy some wonderful outdoor photo opportunities.  If you are currently in the process of planning your very own Spring wedding, or you have identified Spring as the perfect season for you to say “I do”, here are 5 tips to making it a truly memorable day.

Spring Wedding

5 Tips for the ultimate Spring wedding


Embrace the colours of Spring

Spring is all about cool, soft colours.  Think Mother Nature and a real minimalist look.  This makes light hues and colour palettes a popular choice for spring weddings.  Colours like pale blue, mink green and rosebud pink are popular for everything from your bridesmaid dresses to your hairpiece and floral accessories.  Try to include these colours in your colour scheme and incorporate them into your cake to create a real celebration of spring on your big day.


The great outdoors

Perhaps more than any other season, spring evokes a real connection with the great outdoors.  We are back out in the garden, going for leisurely strolls in the park and even taking trips to the nearest beach; spring really does take us back to our roots and enjoying nature.  This is something you should try to incorporate into your wedding day.  Consider having your ceremony or part of your reception outdoors and be sure to include the natural scenery in your photos.  Think old barns, a pretty meadow or even splendid stately gardens.


Think light when choosing your flowers

The delicate colour and fragrance of spring flowers like hyacinth, tulips and bluebells are perfect for spring weddings.  They look great in an elegant wedding setting and work equally as well in a rustic themed wedding, something that is becoming ever more popular.  Spring flowers are so versatile that they can be used in floral arrangements, bouquets and headpieces. 


Add colour to the groom and his groomsmen

We’ve already talked about adding the colours of spring to your wedding and also using popular spring flowers for your big day, but don’t be afraid of adding a bit of colour to the groom and groomsmen.  Don’t just stick to the traditional neutral colours of blacks, charcoals and navy for your wedding suits.  Consider something like a pale blue suit with a coloured shirt and tie or even a peach suit with a striped shirt and tie combo.  Nothing says spring like a little bit of colour.  A bow tie can also be a nice touch for springtime wedding suits.


Cupcake favours

Everyone loves a sweet treat at a wedding and one treat that is sure to impress the guests at your spring wedding is mini cupcakes.  Think pastel colours for your cupcake icing like a pastel pink or lilac and even add the flavour of rosewater and lavender to give your cupcake the clean taste of spring.  Complement your icing with some edible crystallised flowers like rose petals or violas.


Making the right choice with jewellery at a Spring wedding.

Now that you have some ideas for your Spring wedding, the final thing to sort out is your wedding day jewellery.  The jewellery you wear will be influenced by both the style and theme of your wedding as well as your own personal style.  How you wear your hair and the type of dress you have picked.  For advice on picking the perfect wedding day jewellery, get in touch with our expert jewellers across the Portfolio team.

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