5 rules for looking for an engagement ring

Shopping for an engagement ring can be a long process whether you are doing it alone or as a couple.  It is an important decision.  It’s the same as buying a car or, to a certain extent, picking your house.  It is going to require some thought as it is not only a big statement and moment in your life, but can also be a big investment.  If you are at the stage now where you are thinking of getting engaged and are looking for an engagement ring, there are a few rules you should follow.

looking for an engagement ring?

5 Rules to follow when buying an engagement ring


Don’t just pick the first engagement ring you see

Whatever you do, don’t just pick the first ring you see.  Try on different types and styles of engagement ring.  Try on something that you think you would never like or wear; you may get a surprise.  You may find out that the first ring you try on is the one you want the most but take the time to try on a selection of rings. 

The same rule applies if you are picking a ring for your partner without their knowledge.  Don’t just settle for the first ring you see.  Look around at different options and maybe bring a close friend of your partner to give their thoughts.


Do your research

There is no more powerful resource when it comes to shopping for an engagement ring than the Internet.  Do your research before you start to look for an engagement ring.  Take a look at the different styles and the different metals and gemstones available.  Look at the cost of certain ring types and get to know the 4C’s.  Then... when you go to a jewellers, fore-armed, you can be sure to ask the right questions.


Set a budget

Before you set off on your quest to find the perfect engagement ring, have a budget in place - a maximum amount you are happy to spend on the ring.  This will allow you to go into a jewellers and look at rings that you can afford.  Try to stick to your budget because you will have bigger things to start saving for after your engagement.  A good guide when setting a budget is 2 – 3 month’s take-home salary although there really is no right or wrong way to set a budget; just set something you can afford.  If you want your budget to go a little further, enquire today about the finance deals on engagement rings here at Portfolio.


Know your gems

While diamond engagement rings are often the most popular choice of engagement ring, there are other gems that look equally as good in an engagement ring.  Stones like emerald, sapphire, ruby and quartz can look great when set among diamonds.  If you want something different with your engagement ring then consider other gem stones.  If you have always dreamt of a stunning diamond ring or your partner loves diamonds, then consider the different styles such as single-stone, three-stone and cluster diamond engagement rings.


Know your jeweller

Think of your engagement ring as if you were buying a car.  You wouldn’t want to buy a car from a wheeler-dealer that you know very little about.  The same should apply when purchasing an engagement ring.  Only buy from a trusted and reputable jeweller and be sure to ask for your diamond certificate before making a purchase.  If the jeweller can’t produce a certificate from a reputable diamond laboratory like the GIA, HRD, IGI, AGS or CIBJO, then it is time to research the lab behind the certificate as there can be some obscure ones out there.

Luckily for you, the team here at Portfolio pride themselves on sourcing only the finest quality diamonds, cerificaated by the most respected labs in the world.  Let our team help you make the right choice as you get ready to make that most important of decisions – which engagement ring to buy.

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