5 things every groom should remember for their wedding day

For many people, the wedding day can be about a lot of things including how the bridal party is looking, what the bride is wearing, what the weather is like or what the food and venue was like.  Yes, when it comes to a wedding day there are lots of things that get your guests, friends and family excited... and lots for them to talk about.  However, in the build up to the big day and on the day itself, there isn't too much of this that will actually involve the groom.  The groom's position on a wedding day is of course extremely important - they just don't tend to get the same attention as the bride.  With most brides dreaming about and planning their wedding day for a long time, it's easy to see why so much attention is focused on them.  This doesn't mean that all you men out there should take your eye of the ball.  There are lots for grooms to remember to do on their wedding day and in our latest blog post we take a look at 5 things every groom should remember.

5 things grooms need to remember for their big day.

1. Arrive on time

Let's face it, we all expect the bride to be a little late for the big day - it is part of the suspense of the wedding.  It also lets the groom sweat a little and ensures a few nervy moments before the couple cement their love.  One thing that is expected is that the groom arrives on time... and is even the first person there, along with his best man and groomsmen.  Set your alarm early and say no to any pre-wedding night drinks that the best man may be suggesting.  You won't want to start married life with a difficult chat about why you were late!  No matter what the day holds in store for you, just be sure you are up early and arrive at your wedding venue before any guests start to arrive.


2. Don't forget the wedding rings

While it's important to be sure you turn up on time, the last thing you want to do is to rush about your house, getting ready at the last minute.  This is how you forget things - and more importantly - this is how wedding rings can often be left behind.  Be sure your wedding rings are sitting out in the morning and give them to your best man to look after and bring with him.  You don't want to be frantically searching for them at the altar - this won't make for a good look - it may provide some light entertainment to the guests, but it certainly won't entertain your bride.

wedding rings


3. Practice your wedding speech

The best man speech, followed by the father of the bride speech, are usually those that guests most look forward to - and perhaps the two speeches that most grooms will be least looking forward to.  For many grooms this may lead to them thinking that the spotlight is taken away from them a little when it comes to the wedding speeches.  This certainly isn't the case, and indeed, the groom’s speech is also extremely important.  It's a chance to thank everyone who has helped you make your big day possible and also share some stories of yourself and your bride.  Be well prepared and practice your speech... and make it one that your guests will remember for all the right reasons.  If you want some ideas for getting your groom wedding speech right, visit hitched.co.uk.

the wedding speech

(Image source: Wedding Journal Online)


4. Gifts for the wedding party

Another important thing for the groom to remember, both in the run up to and, on the wedding day, are the gifts for the wedding party.  Your wedding party will have helped you out lots in the build up to your wedding, from helping organise your stag, to travelling around with you for suit-fittings and other errands.  This is your chance to show them how thankful you are for their help and acknowledge their contributions for the big day.  You don't need to break the bank, but simple gestures like a hip flask, a personal memento of the big day or even a watch or shoes to commemorate the wedding day, can all be thoughtful gift ideas. 


5. Be ready for the first dance

Now that you have survived the service and speeches, it can often be call for celebration for grooms as they can now enjoy a drink with friends and begin to relax and enjoy the remainder of your day.  While this is certainly the case, don't forget that there is the small matter of the first dance.  It's important that this first dance with your new bride is one that goes well and sets the tone for the remainder of the night.  Avoid going straight to the bar after food and speeches; keep yourself fresh for the first dance of the night.  All eyes will be on you here, so you certainly want to let you dancing feet impress your guests.  You could maybe even prepare something in advance with your wedding party that will truly make your first dance one that guests will remember for years to come.

the first dance

(Image source: Wedding Day Dance)


Get ready for your big day and ensure you have the wedding rings ticked off your to do list.  Get in touch with our team of diamond experts here at Portfolio of Fine Diamonds to ensure you get the wedding ring that is perfect for you.  Click here to view our range of wedding rings for men, and view our range of wedding rings for ladies, here.

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