5 spring wedding colour schemes for you to consider this year

The perfect wedding colour palette is important for those couples who dream of a unique, creative and meaningful wedding day. We have already discussed general colour schemes for your wedding, but now that spring is officially here we thought we would inspire you with these fresh hues and tones. If you are tired of the same old colours and want a palette that is modern and unique, we are here to help you find it.

5 perfect colour schemes for your spring wedding

1. Shades of gold

Gold indicates elegance and romance. Glitter, gold, fairy lights and jewels will create a magical and chic atmosphere for your day. Perfect for a vintage themed wedding, you’ll be sure to dazzle your guests with these gorgeous gold shades. In addition, gold is a very regal colour and so you’ll have the perfect colour scheme fit for a King and Queen to be.

shades of gold

(Image source: The Perfect Palette)


2. Mint, apricot and coral

Mint is a lasting trend in the colour palette world. Apricot adds a pop of freshness, and coral is vibrant and festive. These shades styled together create just the sort of colour palette which is perfect for your upcoming spring soiree. It’s also the perfect combination for the less traditional bride and groom who opt for a more relaxed atmosphere.

mint apricot and coral

(Image source: Best Romantic Weddings)

3. Aqua and emerald

The softness from the aqua hues allows the palette to feel sophisticated and sweet, while the attention drawing emerald adds warmth and luxury. This palette is perfect for an outdoor wedding as you can incorporate the surrounding greenery and, fingers crossed, blue skies. 

aqua and emerald

(Image source: The Perfect Palette)


4. Yellow and grey

Yellow has the allusion of being a harsh colour which many people find hard to pull off. However, here at Portfolio of Fine Diamonds, we love yellow, especially in our fancy diamond range. We think that yellow can be the perfect shade for a fun and whimsical spring wedding. For a unique colour palette, team yellow with grey. Let’s face it; these colours are far from traditional, so are best suited to those couples who love to embrace something a little bit different.

yellow and grey

(Image source: Strawberry Chic)

5. Rose and gold

This colour palette is perfect for girly, romantic wedding days. Ever wonder what happens when you pair the prettiest shades of pink with the most gorgeous antique gold shade you can find? Something beautiful! Play around with different fabric textures; sequins and silk work as these all work beautifully well with this palette. 

rose and gold

(Image source:  Pinterest)


We know the colour palette of your wedding is one of the most important aspects of planning your big day. Colour is not only for your flowers, table settings and invitations; jewellery can also incorporate your chosen palette. At Portfolio of Fine Diamonds we strive to give you the options you crave when choosing your special jewels. As diamond experts, we know the best diamond colour is no colour at all. However those diamonds with a strong pure colour, such as yellow, green, blue, pink or even red are known as 'fancies' and are very rare and extremely beautiful.

We know all there is to know about diamonds and fancies, so contact us today for help on choosing the perfect ring for the perfect day.

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