Setting your budget when shopping for an engagement ring

Budget for an engagement ringAsk anyone who has planned a wedding and they’ll tell you that being able to budget properly will be a big help in planning how your big day pans out.  But budgeting doesn’t begin with your wedding, it starts when you are beginning to look for an engagement ring.  Having a budget in mind - one you can afford and stick to - will help you out so much when shopping for your engagement ring. 

shopping for an engagement ring on a budget


3 things to consider when shopping for an engagement ring on a budget

blog_pic_0458.jpgSo you are thinking of getting engaged... which can be both very exciting and daunting. Some of these questions may be running around your head…what sort of engagement ring would my partner like? How do I get the right size?  How much will the ring cost?

Before you begin your search for an engagement ring it is important to establish a realistic budget. Not only will this help you narrow your search but it will also help your jeweller guide you to what engagement rings you can easily afford.

shopping for an engagement ring on a budget


Picking diamond jewellery for a man – 3 Top Tips

diamond certification

When you think about diamond jewellery it is often associated as jewellery for women. While diamonds are a girl’s best friend, there is a growing trend and increased demand for men to wear diamond jewellery. Much of this can be related to the celebrity influence and growing culture of famous faces sporting diamond jewellery like encrusted watches, earrings and even rings. Below we take a look at 3 simple things to remember when looking for diamond jewellery for men.

Picking diamond jewellery for a man


Finding your perfect match – engagement and wedding rings

The perfect match

Ok, so you have found your perfect match in your partner, now on to finding the perfect match of wedding ring for your engagement ring! Finding this perfect match has become more popular than ever before. In the past there wasn’t as much choice of wedding rings, compared to what there is now. Traditionally it was either a yellow gold or white gold band.

match your wedding and engagement rings


Princess, Emerald and Round – Which is the diamond cut for you

Popular Diamond Cuts

When it comes to shopping for diamond jewellery, one thing that you can be guaranteed is variety.  Whether you’re shopping for that life changing diamond engagement ring or a pair of diamond earrings, you'll always find something unique and a lot of this is down to the cut of the diamond.

which diamond cut is best for you


6 Things for grooms to consider on their wedding day

groom responsibility on wedding dayFor most wedding guests, the star of the show is the bride.  From the dress and the shoes to hair and make-up, all eyes are firmly fixed on the bride from the moment she walks down the aisle.  For the groom this can be a bit of a blessing in disguise as it can divert a lot of attention away from him as he awaits his bride to be. 

6 things for grooms to consider


When buying a diamond wedding ring

diamond wedding rings

When it comes to planning a wedding, the list of things to do can often seem endless.  Get the cake sorted, find the dress, pick out the suits – these are just some of the many tasks that need to be ticked of your list.  Another important task to do is decide on your wedding ring, and more importantly, what type of ring you should choose.  From the type of metal to including gemstones, deciding on your wedding ring isn’t quite as easy as you may think.  Today we take a look at 4 things to consider when looking for a diamond wedding ring, something that is becoming increasingly popular.

when buying a diamond wedding ring


5 Summer proposal ideas

The summer proposal

The summer months are a popular time of the year for weddings in the UK and Ireland and it’s easy to see why.  Weather is usually much better, flowers are in bloom and the choice of colours available is often so much greater.  There are also so many options for venues for your big day, from barns and beaches to private gardens and parks, the great outdoors is ready-made for summer weddings.  This is also the case for summer proposals, and if you’re looking for some inspiration to pop the question over the coming months, here’s 5 proposal ideas to consider for the summer.

5 summer proposal ideas