5 Steps to the perfect Valentine’s Day proposal

It’s recognised throughout the world as a day to celebrate love, and for many couples, the 14th of February marks the biggest step in their journey together, as it is a popular date to get engaged.  St Valentine’s Day is an occasion to both show and share your love with that someone special in your life.  And what better way to show your love for someone than making the ultimate statement of love to them and asking for their hand in marriage.  If you are planning on surprising that someone special this Valentine’s Day with a proposal, here are 5 steps to ensuring you make it a moment to remember for the rest of your lives.


5 Steps to making a memorable Valentine’s Day proposal


Get the parents’ permission

This is something that is a little traditional, but if you are planning on proposing to your partner on Valentine’s Day, be sure to get off on the right start with his / her parents.  Speak from the heart and tell their parents why you are the right person for them and why you are looking forward to spending the rest of your life with them.  You can even give their parents details of your proposal so that they will be the first people you meet as a newly engaged couple.  This will be a nice touch!


Find the perfect location

The first questions asked of almost any newly engaged couple is how did they ask and where did it happen?  The how did they ask part is all down to you and should have a special connection between you and your partner.  The location should always carry some meaning to the two of you, whether it’s sentimental like the location of your first date, or a famous landmark that you have both wanted to visit. 

As it’s Valentine’s Day maybe think back in time to the location of your first Valentine’s Day date or if that was at your house, what meal did you cook them.  When you are choosing your location, make it as special as you possibly can, and try to go all out to making it look spectacular as well.


Hire a professional photographer

This is a trend that is becoming more and more popular with men (and women) booking a photographer who will be hidden at the location of the proposal but still able to capture every special moment.  These are moments that deserve to be captured, so consider enlisting the help of a professional photographer. 

If you can’t afford a professional photographer, try and get a few friends to capture the moment for you.  You can choose to share these photos with your partner once you are engaged or else really surprise them by presenting as a gift on the morning of your wedding.  Best to do this before any make-up has been applied though.


Do it early in the day

If you’re planning a proposal this Valentine’s Day, it’s best to do it earlier in the day or evening.  Nerves can be a big thing when proposing, so getting it out of the way will enable you to relax with your partner and celebrate your engagement.  It also means you can arrange a celebration with friends and family, or if you are really prepared, celebrate together by having a table booked in advance at your favourite restaurant.


Take time to find the ring

While the where and how of a proposal are always a talking point, the one thing that most friends and family want to look at first is the engagement ring.  If you’re planning on surprising your partner and pick the engagement ring on your own, be sure to take the time to find the perfect ring.  Chat to their best friend to see if they have ever mentioned any style or type of engagement ring in the past and also take note of the jewellery they wear at the minute. 

It is important to understand what to look for when buying an engagement ring, especially a diamond engagement ring.  Check out our guide to the 4C’s of a diamond or read our recent article on 5 things to remember when picking an engagement ring.


For advice on finding the perfect ring for your partner this Valentine’s Day, speak to the experts.  Visit any of our Portfolio stores or get in touch with our team of expert jewellers today to ensure you plan the perfect Valentine’s Day for your partner in 2015.


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