5 Ways to keep your diamond engagement ring looking great

So the festive season has come and gone but for many couples in Northern Ireland and throughout the UK and Ireland this meant one thing – an engagement.  The festive season of Christmas and the New Year is the most popular time of the year to get engaged and chances are we all know someone who has recently got engaged.  If that someone is you, then you are going to want to keep that lovely new diamond engagement ring looking as good as new for years to come.  Below we look at 5 ways to do this.

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5 Ways to look after a diamond engagement ring


Remove your engagement ring at night

It’s easy to fall in love with your engagement ring and want to spend all night looking at it, but it’s highly recommended that you remove your engagement ring before going to bed each night.  Sleeping with a diamond engagement ring, or any type of engagement ring could lead to damage of the ring if it comes into contact with parts of your bed at night. 

Your bed sheets and frame are just some of the things that can knock your stone out of place or even lead to scratches – something none of us want.  Remove your engagement ring each night and put it safely into a jewellery box or a fabric pouch before going to bed.  Avoid placing a diamond engagement ring alongside other jewellery because diamonds are so hard that they could potentially scratch your other jewellery.


Remove when working around your home

Whether it is in the garden or around the house, remove your diamond engagement ring whenever you are carrying out daily cleaning tasks.  Again this is because some of these tasks can damage the diamond or the setting within the metal, should they come into contact with something in the wrong way.  There is also a risk of your diamond getting dirty when you carry out your daily tasks, making it look old and dated; something you want to avoid.  So when carrying out your daily tasks, be sure to remove your engagement ring and put it in a safe place.


Clean your diamond engagement ring

Cleaning your diamonds will help to keep your engagement ring looking great, time and time again.  The best approach to cleaning any piece of diamond jewellery such as a diamond ring is to leave it with a jeweller for a professional clean.  If you want to clean your diamond yourself on a regular basis then leave them to soak in soap and water and gently clean with a soft toothbrush.  Only soak for a short period of time though.


Be careful with chemicals

Chemicals can be particularly harmful to engagement rings, especially if your ring has an emerald gem stone.  Chemicals that can be found in things like hairspray, polish and bleach can all cause damage to gem stones like diamonds.  Chlorine in particular can have a bad effect on gem stones, so if you are planning on bleaching the bathroom or kitchen, or relaxing in the swimming pool at your local spa following your engagement, do be sure to take off your ring beforehand.


Don’t remove your diamond ring when cleaning your hands

It can be something that many of us do without even giving it a second thought, but when it comes to cleaning your hands or face, don’t remove your diamond ring.  The main reason for this is because you can easily forget that you have done so and walk away without it.  Also there is a chance that it will fall down the plug hole causing you endless amounts of stress.  All you will be using to clean your hand with is soap and water, the same combination that we recommend to wash your diamonds.


These are just some of the ways to look after your new engagement ring and keep it looking great.  An engagement ring is often a high value investment, so treat it as such and give it the TLC that it deserves.  For more advice on looking after your jewellery, get in touch with our team of expert diamond jewellers today.

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