5 Things every man should remember when picking an engagement ring

The period over Christmas and New Year is perhaps the most popular time for proposals.  It's a time of year when love and celebration is evident in everything we do as we spend time with friends and family, some of whom we might not have seen for a number of years.  If you are planning on making the ultimate show of love this festive period by asking for your partners hand in marriage, then chances are that all you are thinking about at the minute is that engagement ring.  Well we have some good news for you - we are here to help.  Today we're going to look at 5 things every man should consider when it comes to buying that all important engagement ring.


5 things to consider when buying an engagement ring


1. Your partners style

If you are planning on going down the traditional route and picking the engagement ring for your partner without them knowing, then it's important you do some research on their existing jewellery.  Take a look at their jewellery collection to get an idea of the style and type of rings they tend to wear.  Make a note of the type of gem stones that are in these and if they tend to go for coloured stones or clear stones.  It may be worth trying to take a ring to the jewellers as a guide when picking the ring.


2. Get the size right

In the UK, ring size is measured in letters and for most women will go from F to M or N.  Measure the inside of your partners ring going from one side to another to get the diameter.  This will allow your jeweller to get your engagement ring finished to a size that fits best.  An engagement ring that is too tight will not be comfortable for your partner to wear, and one that is loose and too big could potentially fall off or get damaged much easier.  If you want to be 100% sure, take one of your partners rings to your jeweller so they can measure it.


3. The gem stone

When it comes to selecting engagement rings, diamond engagement rings are certainly the most popular and they come in many designs including single stone, 3-stone or even cluster rings.  But not everyone is a fan of diamond rings.  There are other gem stones that can be fitted for an engagement ring, each equally as beautiful. 

Other popular stones include emerald, sapphire, ruby and topaz.  These stones add colour to your ring and can give off a real vintage and elegant look.  Coloured engagement rings have become even more popular in recent years thank to the engagement ring that Prince William presented to Kate Middleton.


4. The 4C's of a diamond

Buying an engagement ring is a big decision for any man.  It is a big commitment and it is something you want to get right.  Therefore it's important to do your research and this begins with the 4C's.  These are the carat, clarity, colour and cut of a diamond.  It is the 4C's that influences the quality and cost of a diamond, so be sure you read up and learn your stuff before you go looking.  To find out more about the 4C's of diamonds and what you should be looking out for, check out our guide to buying a diamond.


5. Ask about the certificate

As you will be aware, buying an engagement ring is a big deal and you'll want to ensure you are buying from a reputable and trusted dealer.  Before completing your purchase be sure to ask for a certificate.  A certificate is your guarantee of quality and you should look for one that has come from a well respected lab like the GIA, HRD, IGI, AGS and CIBJO.  This also means that you aren't going to be paying over and above what your diamond ring is worth.  If your dealer can't produce a certificate then you really should be looking elsewhere.


Let us make your decision easier this Christmas

If you are planning on popping the question over the festive season or just want to get your engagement ring sorted with a view to a proposal in 2015, get in touch with our team of experts here at Portfolio.  We will take you through everything you need to know to ensure you get the very best engagement ring for your partner to say "Yes". 

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