Picking the perfect wedding ring - what should you look for

So you've taken one of the biggest steps in your life and decided to get married and now all the fun of planning is about to kick in.  From organising your venue to picking dresses, suits, flowers and music, there is so much that needs to be arranged before you can finally breath a sigh of relief and look forward to your wedding day.  Much of what you organise for your big day will simply come and go; it will only be needed for the wedding.  Perhaps the most important thing you need to look at is picking your wedding ring, and the importance of this can often be lost on many couples. 

A wedding ring will stay with you for life, so unlike your wedding cake, your wedding ring is something you will look at again and again, highlighting the important commitment you made to your partner on the day of your wedding.  But don't just settle for any ring, this could turn out to be one of the most important jewellery purchases you will ever make, so be sure to get it right.  Below we look at some of the things you may want to consider when picking a wedding ring.


Metals when picking a wedding ring

The type of metal you decide on for your wedding rings will have a big bearing on many things including the look and feel of the ring, the price you pay and how durable it is over time.  Popular metals include platinum and white gold while yellow gold, palladium and titanium are increasing in popularity in recent years.

Platinum and titanium wedding rings are more expensive in comparison to metals like silver and palladium, but for many women a platinum wedding ring will complement their platinum engagement ring should they have one.  You can find out more about picking the right metal for your wedding band here.


Sparkle and your wedding ring

Gem stones like diamonds can also be a popular addition to a wedding ring although many couples still opt for the more traditional style and finish of a plain wedding band.  Diamond wedding rings can complement an engagement ring really well and for those of you who are fans of diamond jewellery, this added bling is always welcome.  Do remember though than choosing a wedding ring with gems on it will be more expensive.


Cost and your wedding ring

Another thing you need to factor into your wedding ring is the cost of it.  Weddings can be expensive and the wedding ring is often one of the last things we look for.  If you have managed to work through your budget and are left with very little to spend on your wedding ring, consider an alternative metal like palladium.  Palladium wedding rings are much more cost effective and look the same as platinum or titanium rings.  If you want to upgrade your ring in the future this is something that can be done.  Just remember to stay within your budget and consider your options when picking your ring.


These are just some of the things every couple should consider when it comes to making that all important decision and picking your wedding ring.  A wedding ring is a symbol of love and commitment, and something you plan to wear for the remainder of your life.  Keep this in mind when it comes to choosing your ring.  Don't simply pick the first ring you see in a shop window or on the counter.

Looking for your perfect wedding ring to say "I do" to in 2015?  Get in touch with our expert team today to see how we can help.

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