A guide to wearing diamond jewellery on your wedding day

On your special day, you should sparkle in every way possible. Your diamond ring will be a big part of this, but it is not the only part. Brides and bridesmaids should be wearing diamond jewellery – an eternally fashionable and elegant choice of jewellery for the big day. In today’s blog post, we take a look at the various looks a bridal party can achieve with diamond jewellery.

How to: The bridal party and diamond jewellery


1. Earrings

Earrings for the bride depend on the choice of hair style, for an up do and for the bride that seeks simplicity and elegance – we recommend diamond studs. They suit all face shapes and are a great way to bring out any eye colour, adding just the right amount of sparkle.

diamond earrings for your wedding


Drop style diamond earrings are a lovely and graceful type of earring for bridesmaids. Silver is also very easily matched with all skin tones and hair colours - so you will have no issues with suitability.

diamond drop earrings for your wedding


2. Necklaces

Depending on the style of dress – the bride’s necklace will vary. For a low neck, a necklace is advised, but remember to keep it a simple yet stunning diamond necklace ... it must never take away from your dress. For a high neck, you may want to consider leaving the necklace and opting for more detailed earrings instead as you will not want to take away from the elegance and gracefulness that a high neck aims to bring.

a diamond necklace for your wedding

For the bridesmaids – a simple diamond necklace is effective. Again, their dresses shouldn’t be compromised, so think about something simple and timeless as seen above.


3. Bracelets

For a bride, the ring is the most important piece of jewellery worn on the hand and so should you choose to wear a diamond bracelet, depending on the size – its a good idea to think about wearing it on the opposite hand to that of your wedding ring.

a diamond bracelet for your wedding


For the bridesmaids, bracelets are a lovely way to add some sparkle to their day. But simplicity is key, so opt for something that is simple yet timeless – as previously mentioned, silver will always achieves this.

Top tips for diamond jewellery on your wedding day

  1. If you are wearing diamonds that you have bought previously – make sure they are in tip top condition. This is not something everybody thinks about in the build up to their wedding, but it’s important to ensure you get your diamonds cleaned.
  2. Don’t go overboard. It’s a day when elegance is key, you should have as much sparkle as you wish but be careful not to take away from the most important diamond – the engagement ring or the most important piece of clothing – the dress.
  3. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and never more so than on her wedding day. Don’t stray too far from the tradition of diamonds on the big day simply because few other jewellery materials offer the simplicity and elegance that diamonds do. It’s hard to think of something so refined and something that matches as well with everything the way diamonds do.


Buying a diamond engagement ring and your wedding ring will be two of the most important decisions of your life, so ensure you are getting the right information from the right people. At Portfolio of Fine Diamonds we are experts on all wedding jewellery. We know and understand the importance of fine details, especially when it comes to your special day. Contact us today for help and assistance in choosing the perfect jewellery and the right diamonds for your big day.

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