Buying a diamond ring for Christmas - 4 things to remember

Christmas is a time of celebration, a time of giving and a time for receiving.  It also happens to be one of the most popular times of year to give the gift of diamonds, something everyone falls in love with.  From diamond engagement rings to diamond earrings and necklaces, there's a real sparkle in the air at Christmas.  Like the glisten and shine we can sometimes get from snow and frost, diamonds are that added bit of sparkle that we all warmly welcome at this time of year.  With this in mind we wanted to give you a quick guide to buying diamond rings at Christmas.  Some advice and a few things to look out for if you are planning on treating someone special this festive season.


Guide to buying diamond rings for Christmas

A diamond ring is not just for Christmas

We often hear that a dog is not just for Christmas and this is certainly also the case when it comes to diamond jewellery, especially diamond rings.  Don't just buy a diamond ring for a quick smile from a loved one on Christmas Day.  Look at the bigger picture; your diamond ring should be something that they will want to wear again and again.  It should complement their style and work with any existing jewellery they wear. 


A style that fits

We've discussed on many occasions the importance of understanding the 4 C's of a diamond when picking any piece of diamond jewellery.  When it comes to selecting a diamond ring this is even more relevant as the gemstone is often more prominent and on view than say a diamond in a stud earring.  When picking a diamond ring this Christmas, make sure it is something that the recipient will want to wear.  It must work with their current style.  Is their existing jewellery vintage, contemporary or minimalist?  These are all things you need to research. 

If you are buying for someone who already has an array of diamond jewellery, be sure to look through their current collection to get an idea of the style and type of diamond ring to buy.  Remember key details like shape, colour and type of metal.  These will all be important when it comes to selecting your ring.


What type of metal should you consider

Picking the right metal for your diamond ring is also important as you don't want to go for a gold ring if your partner (or friend / family member) only wears silver or platinum rings.  Once again, take a look at their jewellery collection to get an indication on the type of metal they commonly buy for jewellery.  Metals like silver, palladium, platinum and titanium will often look the same but there will be differences in the weight of these bands.  If you are unsure of the type of metal, try to take a piece of jewellery to your local jeweller or find a way of subtly bringing it up during conversation (never the easiest thing to do, especially if the jewellery is going to be a surprise).


Work within your budget

Christmas time is always a great time of year to treat a loved one.  It can be a time to upgrade your jewellery and get someone that wonderful diamond ring they've been craving for years.  If this is the case with you this Christmas don't go beyond what you can afford.  Set yourself a budget that you know you can comfortably stick to and explore your options.  Check out if there are any finance deals that will make it easier for you to pay back the ring.  If you are buying an eternity ring to mark a special occasion, or an engagement ring for that big proposal, you may want to set a budget that allows you to keep a little bit in reserve for future celebrations that will lie ahead.


Picking the perfect diamond ring this Christmas

For help and advice on making the right decision this Christmas, get in touch with our expert diamond team here at Portfolio of Fine Diamonds to see what you need to look out for when picking a diamond ring and also what finance options may be available for you.

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