Round and square diamond cuts - what should you consider

Round and Square cut diamonds

The cut of a diamond is the main grading factor of all our diamond jewellery here at Portfolio of Fine Diamonds, with leading international diamond laboratories like the GIA, HRD or IGI grading the diamond based on the various cuts.  There are seven popular diamond cuts including round, pearl, emerald and princess and often personal preference and style will have a big influence on your final choice.  Today we are going to take a look at two types of diamond cut - round and square - and discuss what you need to look at for each style.

Why is diamond cut so important?

The cut of a diamond allows the stone to make the best use of light.  This means that if a diamond has been perfectly cut, light will be refracted through it internally from one facet to another and dispersed at the top of the stone, providing the wonderful sparkle that we all look for in a diamond.  An ideal diamond cut makes full use of the light entering it, while diamonds with some slight flaws won't make as good of use of the light and therefore the shine and sparkle becomes less.

What to look for in a round diamond cut

The round diamond cut is the most popular diamond shape, especially for diamond engagement rings and diamond earrings, representing about 75% of all diamond jewellery sold.  If you are looking for a diamond engagement ring, it is easy to see why the round diamond cut is so popular.  The round diamond - if cut well by a master cutter - will offer unsurpassed brilliance and sparkle.

The brilliance of a round cut can in some cases enhance a lower colour grade stone in a way which a fancy cut stone cannot.  So if you are looking for a beautiful diamond and have a budget to stick to, think cut first... then colour and carat after.


The square princess diamond cut

While the round diamond cut is the most popular style of stone for many, the princess diamond cut is certainly starting to increase in popularity.  The princess cut diamond is a brilliant square cut with sharp, uncut corners that can also be known as a 'fancy' diamond.  Sometimes referred to as a square modified brilliant cut, it combines the brilliance of a round cut with the style of a square appearance on your choice of jewellery.  This means that the princess cut will lose some of the brilliance that a round cut would have, in order to achieve the beautiful square cut.


Which diamond is right for you?

A round diamond cut offers that classic and elegant look whether it is on a diamond ring, diamond earring or diamond necklace.  A Princess cut diamond ring can be very flattering on a hand with long fingers so if you love the 'fire' of a traditional round diamond cut but want something different, then a square princess cut is perfect.  While you will lose out on the sparkle of a brilliant round cut, you certainly don't lose any style from the princess cut and, as it is so aptly named, it will certainly make you feel just that - like a princess.

Let our team of experts help you make the perfect choice

Are you looking for that perfect diamond engagement ring or a stunning piece of diamond jewellery?  Get in touch with our expert team today to find out more about round and square cut diamonds, and find out which style is perfect for you.

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