Show a little love with Love Diamonds

We hear it all too often about how diamonds are a girl's best friend and many of us will gush, admire and fall in love with a friend's new diamond engagement ring or sparkling piece of diamond jewellery.  Yes, it is fair to say that diamonds really are something we will all fall in love with at some in our lives, whether it is a piece from your own jewellery collection or the latest talking piece from the world of showbiz. 


Diamonds have a certain elegance and touch of class and it is this very elegant and stylish element that has made them a winner in the jewellery stakes for hundreds of years.  We don’t just love diamonds here at Portfolio of Fine Diamonds, we cherish and celebrate diamonds and through this love affair we have developed our own diamond range - Love Diamonds.


Love Diamonds by Portfolio of Fine Diamonds


What are Love Diamonds?


Love Diamonds are a stylish and affordable range of diamond jewellery set in sterling silver.  The range includes silver and diamond necklaces, bracelets and earrings, and whether there is one diamond or five in your piece, the Love Diamonds range will bring magnificent value to your diamond collection.


Love Diamond Necklaces

Love Diamonds Necklaces

There are 3 necklaces in the Love Diamond necklace range, complete with one, three and five diamonds set into sterling silver.  These necklaces have a choice of diamond carats to choose from, and the diamonds are brilliant cut diamonds with a rub-over setting.  Each diamond stone is set onto an 18" chain.  With prices beginning at £250 and finance available, the Love Diamond necklace can bring a touch of real diamond class to everyone’s jewellery box.



Love Diamond Bracelets

Love Diamonds Bracelets

A diamond bracelets is a great way to add a wonderfully stylish final touch to an outfit and is a great accompaniment to for a wedding, party or romantic night out.  As with the necklaces, the Love Diamond bracelets come with either one, three or five diamonds set in a sterling silver bracelet.  These bracelets have an elegant finish with brilliant cut diamonds and a 7.25" silver chain.  With prices starting at only £195 and finance available, this affordable diamond bracelet would be a great addition to any jewellery collection.




Love Diamond Earrings

Love Diamonds Earrings

The final piece of the three piece Love Diamond jigsaw is our range of Love Diamond earrings, with two types available - stud and drop earrings.  The stud earrings are a brilliant cut diamond set in silver, available in four carat sizes.  The earrings offer a minimalist appeal suitable for daytime wear but also suitable to dress down an embellished attire.  The drop earrings come with a 0.16ct diamond that can help you complete that classic look for any formal occasion.


Fall in love with your diamonds again


If your jewellery collection needs an injection and some added sparkle this coming year, fall in love with the Love Diamonds range here at Portfolio of Fine Diamonds and start to enjoy stylish and quality diamonds at an affordable price.


If you would like to find out more about the Love Diamond range, get in touch with our team of diamond experts today.

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