Getting to grips with your wedding invites

Sorting out your wedding invites and guest list is no walk in the park and should be a task that you devote both time and care to. Lots of people underestimate the time it takes to sort their guest list and they also mismanage this list. In today’s blog post, we give you advice on how to manage your guest list and how to you can create perfect wedding invites.

Managing your guest list

So just where do you start? It’s simple really – you need to get straight to Microsoft Excel! Excel will help you manage your data effectively. Create one excel sheet for both you and your partner and edit where appropriate. Offer your guests alternative rsvp methods – email, text and address – this way you can edit your mailing list with colour codes to get your final attendee number.

Creating your wedding invite

You can choose to be simple and elegant or creative and original, in today’s world – the design options for your wedding invitations are endless. For the most however, the invite will suit and set the tone for the wedding so it’s important to capture this. Here are some top tips to help get you there...

  • Don’t be afraid to put your own mark on it, personalise it! Include photos of you and your future other half or if that’s not your style, find some suitable images and meaningful quotations.
  •  Use different shapes and sizes. You don’t need to follow predictable sizes or shapes; you can be original and choose something unconventional.
  • Think outside the box – you don’t need paper invites. Check out this balloon idea – playful, fun and definitely one to remember!

get to grips with your wedding invites

Image source: Bride online



The little details

This will be the first step on the journey to your big day and it’s a big deal. It’s these little details that matter and so when it comes to your invitations it’s important to consider various little things such as :

1. Your typography

Select something that reflects the event and of course that reflects your personality. Experiment with font types and you may well fall in love with a font you have even heard of before.

2. Your paper

Your choice of paper will have a definite impact on the overall look and feel of your invite. For example, silk coated paper has a smooth feel with a discreet surface sheen, gloss coated paper has a shiny surface and a very smooth finish, the need for lamination is reduced with this choice and uncoated has a soft tactile finish.

3. Your finish

The finish will also have a big impact; matt lamination gives a soft and a more contemporary effect. Gloss lamination gives a higher quality shine finish than gloss card. So make sure you get to know the various paper choices and finishes available before you make your choice.

Whatever you decide to do for your special day invites, make sure it’s something that you have put careful consideration into. Give your guests a beautiful invite for a beautiful day and set the tone.

You’re invite shouldn’t be rushed but it should take time, just like selecting your engagement ring. At Portfolio of Fine Diamonds, we’re experts on all things detail and that’s why we are diamond experts. We know and understand the importance of fine details, especially when it comes to your special day. Contact us today for help and assistance with choosing your diamond.

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