5 things to do on the morning of your wedding

So the big day has finally arrived and you are about to start what everyone refers to as the best day of your life and it’s going to be magical, beautiful and just a little bit crazy. The crazy part usually happens in the morning – dress, the make – up, the hair ...the pressure! But there are things you can do on the morning of your wedding to make sure everything falls into place.

 things to do on the morning of your wedding



1. Get the best of breakfasts

Breakfast? It’s probably the last thing on your mind but it is vital that you fuel your brain and your body for the day ahead. It’s not an average day – so don’t have an average breakfast. If you think tea and toast is going to cover it, think again! Get the science behind great breakfasts for the big day for example - try Low fat Greek yoghurt with fresh blueberries, strawberries and melon.

Feel satisfied for longer but don’t leave yourself feeling sluggish. The low fat Greek yoghurt will contain live cultures that help calm your stomach and the higher protein found in Greek yoghurt (compared to traditional yoghurt) will keep you fuller for longer and it also contains a fair amount of vitamin A that works to boost your energy and repair cell damage caused by stress. Berries are rich is stress-reducing C and for those who don’t want to risk bloating with bread – melon acts as a natural diuretic to help flatten your belly for the perfectly fitting gowns.


2. Avoid caffeine

Steer clear of your regular coffee or tea - today is a big day and you’re already on a natural high – caffeine could just give you further jitters. Don’t listen to those telling you not to drink water... drinking water actually helps avoid water retention and can also prevent fatigue. For extra de-bloat bonus add lemon wedges and mint leaves.


3. Get a good laugh

If you’re nervous, it’s no big deal – it’s actually very normal but don’t let it quiet you into a jittery bag of nerves who can’t talk. Talk to your bridal party, tell old stories and get a good laugh. Laughing is a proven way to de-stress and it’s a sure fire way to get you into the party mood.


4. Take a walk around your house

Before you move to getting on your dress, take one last walk around your home. When you return, you’ll be a married woman and it’s nice to take a stroll around the house and visit your old room (if you’re in the house you grew up in). Even if it’s your adult home, it’s still nice to take a walk and a few deep breaths.


5. Roll with it

Don’t sweat the small things, your day is here and it’s happening so don’t seek the power to change things that simply aren’t worrying about. Lots of couples who have been there before you will tell you that the entire day goes so quickly so be sure to enjoy every moment and although it sounds like a cliché, it’s very true.


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