5 Reasons you may want to hire a wedding planner

hire a wedding planner

Wedding planning is not for everyone – anyone who has been a member of a bridal party or had a best friend, sister or relative that has taken the big step will know this. Of course, it’s not all the work of the bride – it should be a joint effort, but more often than not it seems to be the female who really gets to grip with planning the big day. For some, it’s simply too much – weather it’s a solo or joint effort. For the modern couple with careers and other full time commitments – a wedding planner is the ideal solution that could save them from a disastrous attempt to planning a wedding.

Thinking of hiring a wedding planner? Here are 5 key reasons why you should.

5 reasons to hire a wedding planner


1. You’ll have an experienced decision maker

You may think you have the ability to make decisions quickly and that could be true, but with so many decisions to make in a limited time space - you may struggle. You need to make decisions in a promptly manner in order to keep the process moving to a time frame and in a smooth manner. Of course, ultimately all major decisions will be yours – but you’ll appreciate a professional opinion with the firsthand experience and all the pros and cons of the decisions you will have to make.


 2. You’ll have a professional paper pusher and direct dialler

Things don’t magically appear as beautifully as they do on your wedding pinterest board – sadly for many! The end result involves a massive amount of often underestimated correspondence and this will entail mass paper work and lots of time spent on hold. Wedding Planners are in the know, as well connected people in the industry – they’ll have ways to speed this process up, and of course – the patience to deal with it when they can’t. Will you?


3. You’ll have a buffer

It’s no secret that weddings can involve a fair amount of pressure that can often bring out the bridezilla in even the calmest of brides. But it’s not just the bride who can get a little crazy – it’s also the entire bridal party plus the in-laws. Wedding planners have a great knack for minimising the key factor that can often lead to conflict – and that’s stress. They’ll take the stress out of any situation and reduce conflict.


4. They’ll know the things you never want too

You’re food is late, you’re flowers are wrong, you’ve mother in law spilt tea on her dress – panic, panic, panic. But do you really need to know this on the most important day of your life? No. Do you think that you’ll be able to find an effective solution? Probably not – but a wedding planner has lived it all – every possible situation.


5. They could be cost effective

Surely not? Lots of people think that hiring a wedding planner is expensive and only for couples with a huge budget, but this is often wrong. Wedding planners will know and bring their business to tried and trusted venues, florists and dress makers – so it makes sense that they would avail from discounts from this trade. And of course, they’ll know the best places to buy the little details from too – it’s their job to source the best deal and they’ll have all the information you simply won’t have the time to.

Wedding planners are great for many things but there’s one thing they just can’t do and that’s choose your engagement ring – that’s all up to you and/or your partner but luckily for you, there are diamond experts available to help you make that decision too. There is lots of vital need to know information about engagement rings and diamonds that you need to receive from a professional.

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