5 Great Rustic Wedding Ideas

In recent years, the rustic wedding theme has become increasingly popular. Out with the old formal and restrictive ideas of what a wedding should be and enter the beautifully relaxed country rustic weddings, where comfort is key. There are many simple yet effective ways to get the rustic wedding theme just right. In today’s blog post, we take a look at the best ways to do this.

How to create the perfect rustic wedding


1. Signs

Nothing says rustic country charm like homemade signs. They are cost effective, easy to personalise and are useful for guests too. Used at the entry of a wedding venue, you can instantly create the rustic theme and set the mood and tone for the rest of the day. You can also use rustic homemade signs to showcase meaningful or personal quotes for the day.

home-made signs for your rustic wedding
Image Source: Rustic Wedding Chic


2. Rustic Cake Stands

As with all weddings, everything lies in the fine details. Choosing a cake stand for your rustic wedding will act as a centre piece and it is a lovely opportunity to showcase your finest rustic tastes. Do something simple and effective like using barrels or even some old suitcases for your cake stand. Pretty, elegant and as colourful or simplistic as you would like.

Cake Stands for your rustic wedding

Image Sources: weddingchicks / elizabethannedesigns


3.  Light up, light up

At a rustic wedding, lighting is key. If you’re wedding is truly to be considered rustic – an outside reception is usually required. This is usually a barn yard or a garden or a marquee. Lighting in this case is essential – you need to bring the space to life. Choose tea lights and fairy lights for the ultimate rustic feel.

Lighting up your rustic wedding

Image Source: Pinterest


4. The power of the flower

Flowers add delicacy, colour and daintiness to any wedding but they are particularly important at a rustic wedding, where finer details are imperative. Introduce flowers as a bridal hair accessory for the ultimate relaxed chic bride. Include them at different points throughout your reception, such as your table, the arbour, and even at random places. No rustic wedding is complete without flowers.

The power of the flower at your rustic wedding


5. The finer details

Rustic weddings are all about freedom from structure but little details here and there will bring the rustic wedding to life. The beauty of the finer details at a rustic wedding is the ability to make them yourself. Everything can be personalised and made to suit your own taste and tell your own story. Think about things like photo boards, personalised favours and things that you can keep and treasure for long after your special day has passed.

the finer details about your rustic wedding

Image Source: Pinterest



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